FS812FS510eGo Cartomizer for E-cigs
  • Class: Electronic Cigarette
  • 1,1.4ML Cartomizer or Regular Cartomizer.
    Work for FS812,FS510 & eGo series.
    Support more than 450puffs.
    2,Different colors, flavors and nicotine levels for choice.
    3,Latest technolog ..
FS812 Classical E-cig FS812
  • Class: Electronic Cigarette
  • 1, Super E-cig FS812 Kit.
    2, FS812 with 320mAh battery and Mega Cartomizer.
    3, RN4081 with 180mAh battery and regular cartomizer.
    4, The best quality and the latest technology.
    5, FS812 is ..